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Exterior Heat Insulation


Product Description

Keeprecision-200-WHT is engineered composite material made of fibre-reinforced plastics. The internal porous structure enables it to encapsulate still air, thus offering excellent thermal insulation characteristic.

Keeprecision-200-WHT is mainly applied as exterior insulation solution for molding machines

Technical Data


Test Standard




DIN 53479



Flexural Strength                         at 23°C

ISO 178



Compressive Strength                at 23°C

                                                   at 200°C

ISO 604




Coeff. of Thermal Expansion

DIN 53752

10-6 K-1


Thermal Conductivity

DIN 52612



Continuous  Use Temperature




Maximum Use Temperature




Water Absorption                after 24 h at 23°C

DIN 53495




Keeprecision-200-WHT  can be delivered as sheet cut-offs and finished parts.

- Max. sheet dimension                800 x 800 mm

- Thickness                                    5 /8/10mm

Exterior Thermal Insulation

All information in this data sheet is given in good faith and represents our latest knowledge. The values above are typical test results from short time tests and should not be taken as guaranteed, for specifications or primary selection of materials.

Keeprecision-200-WHT is a registered trade-mark from Keeprecision thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.


Brand Name — Long-term Application Temperature — Color

       Ex. Keeprecision - 200 - GN refers to Keeprecision

       green thermal insulation materials with the application

       temperature 200°C.

Note: There is an additional letter "T" in the color term to distinguish between products of

the same long-term application temperature and color, but different composition.

Long-term application temperature(°C):110,120, 180, 200, 210, 220, 250, 280, 350,

500, 600, 700, 800,1000,1100,1200

Capitals to denote the color:    WH(white)    O YE(yellow)  O GN(green)   O BL(black)  

O BU(blue)   O SL(silver)   O GR (gray)   O BR(brown)   O GD(gold)   O RD(red)

Keeprecision Thickness Tolerance

Dimension (mm)

Thickness Tolerance (mm)

450*400 range


1000*1000 range


800*1000 range

±0.01±0.03mm (particular precision needs grinding processing, which should be discussed according to the actual size)

Keeprecision Processing and Delivery time

Are you still worried about the processing problems of thermal insulation boards, such as the floating dust that may affect equipment performance and human health?

Are you still worried about bad quality of the finished thermal insulation boards,such as holes, small cracks,dimension tolerance, delamination, etc.?

Now we provide customers with machining service, The delivery time is as follows

Product Type

Normal Delivery Time (working days)


3 working days


5-7 working days (time negotiated for special purchase quantity)


● Above is the processing time. For shipping time, please refer to Freight Time MAP portal.

● Please provide CAD drawings as far as possible so that we can speed up the delivery.

● If expeited delivery is required, please use our expeited shipping service. For service details, please refer to Expeited Shipment portal.

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